made In Russia

We assist for Setup and initial Operation!

Our machines are tested after assembly very careful and only after that we pack them on paletts. During disassembly we pack the pallets in a logical sequence. Additional we deliver detailled setup and initial operation instructions.

The punching machines of the Series PGV come plug and play on a palett. The customer has just to unpack and connect them. In some regions he has to change the plug to the local requirements.

Folder gluer and roller press die cutter come on two paletts. They constist of three segments which are easily to assemble.

The customer is able, if wants to do so, to setup and run all machines himself. For that he needs, depending on the machine, between 10 minutes and four hours. He has detailled information material from us to do so.

But there are of course customer which want to take over a running machine and having nothing to do with the setup. There our setup service comes up.

We send one of our mechanics to you, who will setup the machine, run it and train the operation personel and the technical staff. You have only to pay for the travelling expences and the accomodation of the engineer. We carry the labor costs.