We are good in Service!

We not only pay attention on quality and reliability when manufacturing our machines but see our responsibility as well to assist the customer with all problems after the initial operation of the machines.

Therefore service is not an empty phrase but one of the cornerstones of our work.

Already during construction we have an eye on service. We design our machines in that way, that all important parts are easily and fast reachable. Our detailled manuals allow less expeienced staff to find possible malfunctions.

For wearing parts we look for easy and inexpensive procurement. The cover of the upper roll of our roller press die cutter e.g. is a normal plastic pipe. Some may smile about this but this pipe you can buy in every sanitary shop near buy for small money. Long and expensive transports and larger time losses are eliminated with that.

Technology has the characteristic for different reasons to fail at one time. Important is, that without large time and therefore production losses, parts are changed fast or repairs are done fast.

Than we are challenged and help fast, flexibel and often very unorthodox. For Service you can contact us on one of the communication channels. We will react immediately.

Technique is all!
You know that service is not only a phrase for us!
We help by phone and eMail. If nothing helps our service man will rush to you.
In the moment he is very frustrated. His "Emergency Case" is ready packed he is ready to serve. But our service man is still waiting for his first service job. That was not necessary up to now and we hope that it is not necessary in the future. A perfect production in combination with a successful construction prevents an emergency duty for service.

The cartoon is done by the artist painter Alexander Shorin, Novosibirsk.