Counter Pressure Module for the Punching Machine Series PGV

Punching machines for punching closed contours
for labels, business cards, plastic cards, envelopes,
small cartons, punching out of leather and plastic.

Counter Pressure Module:

  • for precise punching of label contours
  • for punching of cube shaped products or 3D sticky memos
  • for very large labels or labels out of special material
  • dimension of the work piece:
    PGV 185 - 185 х 185 mm
    PGV 230 - 230 х 230 mm
  • working pressure:
    PGV 185 - < 0,3 t
    PGV 230 - < 0,47 t
  • operating pressure: 6 bar

You find our punching machines here.

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