Repairs can't be avoided!

Everybody, who deals with technic, knows this problem. Nothing is endless. Parts of a machine have a certain lifetime. With a good maintenance this lifetime is extendable but at one point this lifetime comes to an end. Than repairs or a deep overhaul is neccassary.

You as a customer have to think about what to do. You have different possibilities:

Repairs on your own
The customer repairs or overhauls the machine with his staff in his premises and we deliver the neccassary spare parts. Of course we are always open for all technical questions.

Repair or overhaul by ORTO in Novosibirsk
After an agreement with us the customer sends the machine to ORTO. We check after receiving it and work out a quotation for all. The customer decides about the range of the overhaul and we follow his indstructions.

Repair or overhaul by an ORTO engineer in your premises.
In this case an engineer of ORTO comes to you, already carrying partially the needed spare parts and overhauls the machine. We will not be able to calculate the costs exact because we can not calculate the labor costs.
But we haven't had this occurence until know. Due to the accurate construction of our machines our customer always solved their problems with our help.