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- New   Counter Pressure

Punching Machines Series PGV

Punching machines for punching closed contours
for labels, business cards, plastic cards, envelopes,
small cartons, punching out of leather and plastic..

  • Available formats in mm:
    185 х 185 - 230 х 230 - 260 х 260 - 180 х 300
  • Fast and easy setup and die change:
    - for adjustment the punching die can be moved into
      two directions, X and Y
    - the punching die can be rotated +/-7,5 ° on
      a rotary plate
  • Aditional fine tunings:
    - the punching die is fastened with clamping arms
    - the V-shaped tray for the stacks can be moved in a
      working window
    - the V-shapped stack tray can be moved vertical
      on the ram to center the pressure
    - easily removable reception tray
  • two hand operation by the operator
  • whole hydraulic is imported from Europe
  • ergonomic design
  • Delivery Plug and Play on a palette

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