ORTO LTD - The story of a Success

In 1995 young, experienced engineers setup ORTO, to design and build machines, which are not on the market as standard. In the first place they designed and manufactured machines for the food industry. This was a good success and the basic for the good reputation of ORTO in Russia and the sourrounding countries.

In 1999 the company received orders from the printing industry to design and manufacture punching machines. This part developped very fast and is nowadays the main post of the ORTO production. The non-standard solution of problems in this industry, the skilled marketing and a very good service have firmly fixed us in the market.
Because of a production in owned facilities, a very strong design department and experienced production staff we are able compete to with foreign manufacturers. A creative approach on tasks, teamwork within the whole company and flexibility shall secure us in the future an international market share.

Particular successes we had with our punching machine series PGV, the roller press die cutter series BM and last but not least the semi-automatic Folder Gluer SG 2. The feedback from our customer confirms, that we are on the right way. The basic of our success is the easy operation of our machines combined with an reliable construction and a production with high quality and good design.

In 2002 Artstamp LTD has been incorporated as a daughter company to offer and manufacture the punching dies for the ORTO punching machines. In the meantime Artstamp manufactures punching dies and blasting tools for machines of different manufacturers and counts in this range to one of the leading companies in Russia.

In 2004 we opened our Moscow subsidary ORTO Center, which is responsible for marketing, sales and service in the European part of Russia. A lot of our customer come from foreign countries and we have delivered into the European Union as well.

In 2007 we reacted on market demands and setup an export division in Novosibirsk. ORTO Export is responsible for the worldwide marketing and sales and therefore of course multi-lingual.

We look very confident into the future and would be pleased to have you as a customer, if you are not already one.